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How Fletcher the Etcher Saved the Day

After 30 years of engraving the winners’ names on trophies at the Australian Open, it looked like “Fletcher the Etcher” had finally come unstuck.  Instead, adversity drove the master engraver to what he calls his “happiest” pieces of work.  On Saturday at 11pm, Perry Fletcher was instructed to engrave Victoria Azarenka’s name on her “take-home”…
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Art Worth Bottling

In-demand Melbourne artist Perry Fletcher doesn’t have much time to spare. But the fanatical Collingwood supporter did not mind taking time out to do his most recent job – a handpainted etching of Chris Tarrant’s high-flying mark on a bottle of wine. “I copied it from a picture in the Herald Sun”, he told The…
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Media Clipping

For the past 28 years Perry Fletcher has engrave the names of the Australian Open winners on the perpetual trophies. Fletcher said it would take him about 30 minutes to etch Serena Williams’ name on the women’s perpetual trophy. The winners are presented with replica trophies, with the name engraved by computer. Fletcher will inscribe…
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Herald Sun Australia Clipping

When Perry Fletcher suggested to friend and artist Charlotte Neumann that she needed to paint someone “mad”, little did he think he would be become the subject. The Armadale painter will submit the portrait of Fletcher for next year’s Archibald Prize, the national award for portraiture. “She said to me ‘why not, you’re mad’.So we…
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Local Artist bring Da Vinci to the Alfred

Most Alfred staff will have noticed the large engraving of da Vinci’s, The Last Supper on display near the Main Ward Block lifts. This engraved version of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting was created by artist Perry Fletcher over a six year period ( 1970-1976). It includes borders containing 370 figures, 500 scrolls and thousands…
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Collingwood Newsletter

Eminent engraver, Perry Fletcher, was’ commissioned by the Woodsmen to create a magnificent work of art for our centenary. It is an extremely detailed engraving which illustrates the history of the club. Many hundreds of hours were spent, first on researching the content to be used, and then on the engraving itself. Perry donated the engraving to the Woodsmen who wished to present the club with…
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War Service Fires Fletch

War service didn’t cause “Fletcher the Etcher” to lock himself away for size years to create his masterpiece, but it helped. This Anzac Day, Perry Fletchers’ intricate bronze-backed etching of The Last Supper is in storage needing a suitable gallery where the public can permanently appreciate his craft, the emotion , talent and pain that…
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Australian Information Service

Dear Mr Fletcher, I read with interest the article in The Sun  20 September about your using a dentist’s drill to hand engrave ‘ the Last Supper’. We feel that this would make an excellent article  for us to send to publications abroad. (You may not know of the operations of Australian Information Service but its function is to publicise…
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Media Clipping – Bob Hart

MELBOURNE engraver Perry Fletcher spent six years creating his masterpiece. And now he would like to find It a home to be on Permanent display. Perry, 51, began his rendition Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper when he was 24 – painstakingly etching It Into a sheet of brass with a dentist’s drill. He has…
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Perry on The Peter Couchman Show

Peter Couchman had heard about the last supper and wanted to meet Perry for a general discussion on the last supper and had the engraving at the TV station so Perry could could explain it. Here is the letter from the show.

Perry Meets ….

Perry meets  The Late Robert Suggett. M L A. and The Late R J Hamer ( Premier of Victoria )

The Perry Fletcher Award

In 1993 Perry Fletcher the famous Engraver and leading artist donated a magnificent plate to the VVGA to raffle and provide funds for the Association. The Council decided that it was too valuable to part with and introduced the Annual Perry Fletcher Award to be presented to a veteran who had made an outstanding contribution…
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