Perry has engraved many items in his career from the Winner’s Cup in the Australian Open to engravings for the Vermont & Collingwood Football Clubs plus many other clubs, organisations and individuals. On this page you will find just a taster of some Perry’s beautiful engravings.Make sure you check out the large zoomable engravings at the bottom of the page to see some of Perry’s finest work.

The decanter (Shown above) engraved and donated by Perry will be auctioned and the proceeds given to the breast Cancer charity.Click on the image to see a larger version.

Perry has engraved the Lord’s Prayer (shown right) in a number of languages and both Traditional Catholic and Protestant versions. Prints of these are available to purchase. If you would like to purchase a print please contact enquiries@collinsfletcherproductions.com


Below are some of Fletch’s other engravings.

High Resolution Zoomable Engravings

Choose an image on the level by clicking on it then hover over the big image to zoom in and explore the etching in more detail. See bottom of page for full details.

  • 1. Emu Egg - Commissioned

  • 2. Vase for Personal Use

  • 3. Present to Perry's brother Barry- Engraving of the Desdierata.

  • 4. Wax Seal - Commissioned

  • 5. Wax Seal - Commissioned