About Perry

Perry Fletcher (more often know as “Fletcher the Etcher”)  aged 66 of Mornington, Australia is arguably one of the worlds finest engravers. Multi-talented fletcher etches onto to a variety of mediums from glass to goose eggs, wax seals, and most famously brass on his masterpiece rendition of Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper plus borders. What set’s Perry apart from the rest is the tool he uses. Perry engrave’s with a old dentist’s drill. Perry’s portfolio of clients bursts at the seams with pieces such as the Winners Trophy for the Australian Open, the Olympic Committee, Vermont football club, Bonville Golf Resort and Collingwood Football Club.

The multi-talented fletches is also a talented and accomplished painter, poet and has create hundreds of pieces from impressionist masterpieces, interpretation of Van Gogh and Monet a small selection of his paintings can be viewed in the gallery here.

Over the years Perry’s giving and philanthropic ways have seen tens of thousands of dollars raised at auction through pieces donated to various clubs and charities across the world.

He has appeared on numerous TV programmes demonstrating his behemoth talent and been written about in national newspapers, and his work was used by the Australian Information Service to publicise Australia in other countries.